Oh Oh Oh Oh Canada!

We lose track of time so easily on the road.  Days fly by . We are still in Canada and  I haven’t posted much because  I thought I checked into my phone and data working here and guess what??  I didn’t ask the right questions.  So with the help of my son making a few inquiries I do have some cell service but I am only using internet at night when we stop. Some places we have stayed don’t have WIFI so I may go a few more days without a post.

We left Hinton and headed north and a little west to Grand Prairie. We stayed at a provencial park at Tomslake. less than 20 a night. Beautiful spot. A young lady named Chrisitine was on duty and checked us in and gave us the run down on things. While she and Dave were talking a doe strolled through the field behind them.  Sunset has been after midnight and sunrise about 4 am. haven’t  either. I will stay up and see the Northern lights one of these days.

We left Toms lake and headed ……Northwest. Dawson Creek , mile marker  0 on the ALCAN highway.  We actually took a picture at the mile marker but the gentleman who offered to snap it was unfamiliar with the iphone camera and I didn’t realize it until we drove away. I think I have one of Dave at the mile marker but it’s on the camera and I need to download them. If you don’t know the story of the ALCAN, look it up. It’s really fascinating and I think would make a great movie. I am sure there’s at least one love story in there somewhere. It was built during WWII, so a shortage of manpower, it was built in a ridiculously short amount of time, it was built in extreme weather conditions and extreme geological terrains.

Dave and I once talked about traveling this route on his BMW. Last night at our campground there were two BMW’s parked at the motel area. I am sure the riders were fast asleep as their bikes looked like they had put on a few good miles. I would have loved to had a chance to meet them.

Dave had a chance to help an older gentleman put oil in his rv yesterday. They were from AZ. Had bought the camper  and couldn’t find the oil fill . Dave helped and the man was 2 quarts low. They topped it off and hopefully they won’t have any more problems.

Today we head for Liard Hot Springs. We will spend a night at Liard and tonight I will soak in some hot mineral springs!!! I am looking forward to this. Tomorrow Watson Lake.

Depending on the road ahead it looks like 4 or 5 more nights in Canada and then back on USA soil and USA cell plans. I fear I am costing my son an arm and a leg  with my cell plan.

I heard sirens going down the highway earlier and pray it wasn’t a serious accident. A fellow traveler  posted about a delay two days ago, an aviation fuel truck overturned on the highway.It caused a back up for 1/2 the day. I hope the driver was OK.

Well I guess I need to get this rv ready for the road, well the inside. Dave will pack up the outside, I will grab a shower and put up the loose things inside. Dogs have been walked. Almost good to go. Oh on a side note, we have now traveled about 3000 miles with about 1200 to Anchorage. not too bad for 11 days of traveling.




Ohhh CANADA!!!!!

Well we finally made it to Canada. border crossing was painless.  asked a few questions  looked at our passports and off we went. The first few hours in Canada were like driving in Texas, although maybe a tad greener. And clean very very clean. Canadians definately have a lot more pride in the looks of their streets and highways. Cochrane was our first night in Canada. The wind picked up in the evening and I was so relieved we woke to calm winds . Nice newer park very tight spaces. 44 Canadian dollars showed up as 33 on my debit card. I like that math!

Once we decided on a route, we opted to drive through Banff National Park rather then around it. Absolutely fabulous!!! great roads. magnificent scenery. and a snow storm for good measure. We awoke to cold temps and as we drove on it got colder and then at the top of a mountain pass we had snow.  We also had our first bear sighting and saw bighorn sheep  and caribou. It’s very exciting when the traffic stops for the animals and everyone  stops to take pics . Three young ladies, possibly Quebecians as they spoke only French, were in a car at one of the scenic overlooks. I asked if I could take a picture of all of them together for them as they seemed to be trying to figure out how to do that. They were so happy to squeeze into their car and out of their sunroof to smile away in front of a magnificent mountain peak.

We are in Hinton today. Hinton is on the north side of JasperNational Park and we were fortunate to get a beautiful spot  so we are spending an extra night catching up with things and since its raining I guess we picked a good day to stay put.

Last night there were free hot dogs at the fire pit. If you know Dave, he can’t pass up a free hot dog. So we walked over and the folks doing the  grilling were so wonderful. They had set this up with the campgrounds as their way of educating people about organ donation. In particular kidney donation. One of the young ladies was walking from Edmonton to Jasper in hopes of educating and making people aware of the need for organ donations. Her sister Renee was in need of a kidney donation as a result of having diabetes. Such awesome people with such a worthwhile cause. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavor. As I am sitting here inside a warm coach and Renees sister is out walking  in the cold rain to raise awareness I pray they are safe and someone comes forward soon to donate a kidney.

Tomorrow we will leave Hinton and go north to Grande Prarie. This will be our last night in Alberta , next stop, British Columbia.  We will travel the Bighorn Highway so  hopefully more bighorn sitings.

Thanks to all for your good wishes and comments.


Happy Fathers day

I located this saved post from Fathers day so I am adding it in. I am getting better at figuring this blog thing out. Today was Father’s Day so I drove for 2 hours to give Dave a break.We traveled about 300 miles today . Douglas Wy to Billings MT.our free night last night in WY was even more appreciated today when we had to pay 50 for a site that is not as pretty or as accomadating. They do have a laundry available but since I packed so much I will not do laundry until we are down to 1 or 2 pairs of underwear.

Day 5 & 6

I promise to come up with better titles. Right now I am trying to remember where we were last night. Oh yes, Billings MT. Campground was expensive and not as nice as the free one. We were supposed to get cable but the one connection we needed was not on board. We need to find a connector, I can not imagine no tv for  more than a month.

Dave walked the campground and spoke with a few people. Some headed south  and some like us into Canada and Alaska. He always manages to pick up a tidbit of information to help us or he passes some info down the line hoping to help someone else out.

It is hard to imagine what life was like 100 years ago in this beautiful country. So far we have been amazed at the beauty of the Rockies, the Grand Tetons and a few lesser ranges that I looked up on the map. We have never been in this part of the country before and there is so much history here. We definitely need to plan a trip to spend more time in each state.

Tonight we are in Shelby MT. Thirty six miles from Canada. Tonight I will make sure all our passports and insurance and dog papers are readily available and hopefully we will have an uneventful crossing.

I did not drive today as I was not feeling 100%. Hoping to help out tomorrow. As of right now we have traveled 1949 miles in 6 days with about 2500 more in front of us.Dave has probably driven 1800 of those miles.

The Campsight here in Shelby is nice. It is on the grounds of a Comfort Inn. Dave walked over to the shower room and said it was very clean and the water was warm and good pressure. I will check it out in the morning. It is 830 in the evening the sun is still bright,there is a little breeze that makes it very comfortable. Wishing you all a good night!

Day 3 and 4

Connectivity was poor for a while so I slacked off. Day three had us driving from Dalhart Tx to Manitou Springs CO. yay,  we were finally out of Texas. It was a very nice drive and we arrived in Manitou Springs early enough to get settled in and walk across the street to a nice Italian restaurant . Very good eggplant parm.

Pikes Peak RV park was our home for the night and we will definitely return. We had no wifi and very little connectivity but the people were fantastic and not having a toad(tow vehicle) it was nice being in a town. The dogs got plenty of walks and enjoyed the 60 ish degrees.

Day four, Manitou Springs CO to Douglas WY 306 miles. By the way, Dave has been doing almost all the driving. I did help out on day 2 a bit with about a 3 hour stint. Driving from Manitou to Douglas was awesome. Weather was great, we did run into a little traffic in the Denver area but nothing horrible. The views of the mountains just beautiful. Breathtakingly so.

Daves mechanical work the last few months has really paid off with our coach performing like it was showroom new instead of 20 years old with 200,000 plus miles. We always say a big thank you to the previous owners for keeping it in such good condition for all those miles.

Douglas WY , not much here, but a City Park where you can “boondock” for FREE!  Beautiful level spot with a view of the river. I believe it’s the North Platte. Lots of grass for the dogs and they even had a few geese to bark at. We missed the Cowboy Shoot, it was last weekend. They actually were shooting while riding horses. I would have loved to have seen that.

We will fill up with water here in Douglas and with 660 miles to the Canadian border, figure out where our stopping point is for the night.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads and yesterday was a milestone for Dave and I , the 40th anniversary of becoming parents.  Happy # 40 Katie !!

Day#2 Still in Texas

When you live in South Texas it takes a while to leave the state. Since we are headed north , it’s a long while. We drove from Ballinger to Dahlhart today. 369 miles according to the map app I used. The morning travel and early afternoon were comfortable but about 4 when the sun starts creeping in the front windows, the A/C had a hard time keeping up with cooling us down.  We could have, should have, would have of it all is that we could have turned on the generator and run the roof top A/C but we didn’t.

We splurged on lunch, no not really, the dogs needed a potty break and there was a Burger King in the lot. What a deal, 2 for 10? How come they dont’ taste as good as they did 50 years ago?

We found a nice RV park and with our Good Sam discount it came to 26.10. not bad. Friday nights rate will not be under 40. Colorado here we come. High tourist area and a weekend, what was I thinking?? oh well with any luck we will find a spot in Colorado Springs for Friday night , get through Denver on Saturday and I found a nice little park south of Casper for Saturday night and there is a Catholic church there for mass on Sunday morning.

Well, I am going to try to get some more sleep. I actually am on my Apple right now with free WIFI at the campground. It was super slow about 9 when I was going to write so I  went to sleep and when I tossed and turned after 4 hours I figured I would get up and do my entry  and hopefully get back to sleep.


Day #1

Sleep did not come easily Tuesday evening. It was probably 4am before I was able to nod off. Dave let me sleep until 8 and we were on the road by 11. We left Kingsville with the temps rising. We drove a little more than 6 hours. We found a great camp sight. Ballinger City park. 15.00 a night. Full electric and water hookups and a dumpsight on the property. The park has a beautiful pool and a stream running through the park. I will try to post pictures later. (Still figuring somethings out on this blog sight)Well we pulled in just after 6pm and the temperature was in the mid 90’s. Getting the coach shutdown and set up for overnight use was exhausting. It’s not hard but the temps were killing us. It’s now 7:30 the coach is cooled down nicely we are relaxing and making note of things to purchase when we stop to shop, things that are sitting at the house waiting to get packed,things like kahlua and our bottle of asti that I had planned on popping when we crossed into Alaska. Oh well nothing major. Well I am going for a stroll by the stream and hope the mosquitos don’t carry me away. Day one done!

The Countdown is on

The mechanic AKA Dave, says the coach is ready. He has gone over so many things. Since we purchased our coach about 20 months ago, Dave has put his skills to the test. New shocks, stabilizers,tires, of coarse every filter and fluid ( and there are many) , back up camera, radio, tires, soundproofing/heat guard in engine compartment , had our CAC cleaned, repaired and remounted ( this was a good catch  by the mechanic, he went to look at something and noticed that three of the four brackets holding the CAC were broke).

We are about 36 hours until we drive away. Looked over our route again. Decided there is time to visit Yellowstone on the way up if we dont run into any weather.Also looked a little at a return route. We might try to come down through Washington and Oregon.

Today Dave spent most of the day getting things done around the yard and pool.  I am still packing.  Well not really packing,  clothes from the house to the coach. We will experience two maybe three seasons so this is a bit tricky. Making sure we have enough bedding and towels. Small appliances and food stuff. Books.  I know there will be numerous things that I will say “I should have packed…..”  The camera is charged and I tried to practice a little more with it. Tomorrow will be another whirlwind day, picking up a couple more prescriptions to make sure we dont run low, last loads of laundry and refrigerator food transferred to coach. House refigerator emptied and washed down. Time spent in coach labeling where things are.

My mind is having a hard time focusing. Going over my lists , checking things off and adding more things to the lists. So for today, my first post to this blog is officially done.