The Countdown is on

The mechanic AKA Dave, says the coach is ready. He has gone over so many things. Since we purchased our coach about 20 months ago, Dave has put his skills to the test. New shocks, stabilizers,tires, of coarse every filter and fluid ( and there are many) , back up camera, radio, tires, soundproofing/heat guard in engine compartment , had our CAC cleaned, repaired and remounted ( this was a good catch  by the mechanic, he went to look at something and noticed that three of the four brackets holding the CAC were broke).

We are about 36 hours until we drive away. Looked over our route again. Decided there is time to visit Yellowstone on the way up if we dont run into any weather.Also looked a little at a return route. We might try to come down through Washington and Oregon.

Today Dave spent most of the day getting things done around the yard and pool.  I am still packing.  Well not really packing,  clothes from the house to the coach. We will experience two maybe three seasons so this is a bit tricky. Making sure we have enough bedding and towels. Small appliances and food stuff. Books.  I know there will be numerous things that I will say “I should have packed…..”  The camera is charged and I tried to practice a little more with it. Tomorrow will be another whirlwind day, picking up a couple more prescriptions to make sure we dont run low, last loads of laundry and refrigerator food transferred to coach. House refigerator emptied and washed down. Time spent in coach labeling where things are.

My mind is having a hard time focusing. Going over my lists , checking things off and adding more things to the lists. So for today, my first post to this blog is officially done.

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