Day #1

Sleep did not come easily Tuesday evening. It was probably 4am before I was able to nod off. Dave let me sleep until 8 and we were on the road by 11. We left Kingsville with the temps rising. We drove a little more than 6 hours. We found a great camp sight. Ballinger City park. 15.00 a night. Full electric and water hookups and a dumpsight on the property. The park has a beautiful pool and a stream running through the park. I will try to post pictures later. (Still figuring somethings out on this blog sight)Well we pulled in just after 6pm and the temperature was in the mid 90’s. Getting the coach shutdown and set up for overnight use was exhausting. It’s not hard but the temps were killing us. It’s now 7:30 the coach is cooled down nicely we are relaxing and making note of things to purchase when we stop to shop, things that are sitting at the house waiting to get packed,things like kahlua and our bottle of asti that I had planned on popping when we crossed into Alaska. Oh well nothing major. Well I am going for a stroll by the stream and hope the mosquitos don’t carry me away. Day one done!

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