Day#2 Still in Texas

When you live in South Texas it takes a while to leave the state. Since we are headed north , it’s a long while. We drove from Ballinger to Dahlhart today. 369 miles according to the map app I used. The morning travel and early afternoon were comfortable but about 4 when the sun starts creeping in the front windows, the A/C had a hard time keeping up with cooling us down.  We could have, should have, would have of it all is that we could have turned on the generator and run the roof top A/C but we didn’t.

We splurged on lunch, no not really, the dogs needed a potty break and there was a Burger King in the lot. What a deal, 2 for 10? How come they dont’ taste as good as they did 50 years ago?

We found a nice RV park and with our Good Sam discount it came to 26.10. not bad. Friday nights rate will not be under 40. Colorado here we come. High tourist area and a weekend, what was I thinking?? oh well with any luck we will find a spot in Colorado Springs for Friday night , get through Denver on Saturday and I found a nice little park south of Casper for Saturday night and there is a Catholic church there for mass on Sunday morning.

Well, I am going to try to get some more sleep. I actually am on my Apple right now with free WIFI at the campground. It was super slow about 9 when I was going to write so I  went to sleep and when I tossed and turned after 4 hours I figured I would get up and do my entry  and hopefully get back to sleep.


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