Day 3 and 4

Connectivity was poor for a while so I slacked off. Day three had us driving from Dalhart Tx to Manitou Springs CO. yay,  we were finally out of Texas. It was a very nice drive and we arrived in Manitou Springs early enough to get settled in and walk across the street to a nice Italian restaurant . Very good eggplant parm.

Pikes Peak RV park was our home for the night and we will definitely return. We had no wifi and very little connectivity but the people were fantastic and not having a toad(tow vehicle) it was nice being in a town. The dogs got plenty of walks and enjoyed the 60 ish degrees.

Day four, Manitou Springs CO to Douglas WY 306 miles. By the way, Dave has been doing almost all the driving. I did help out on day 2 a bit with about a 3 hour stint. Driving from Manitou to Douglas was awesome. Weather was great, we did run into a little traffic in the Denver area but nothing horrible. The views of the mountains just beautiful. Breathtakingly so.

Daves mechanical work the last few months has really paid off with our coach performing like it was showroom new instead of 20 years old with 200,000 plus miles. We always say a big thank you to the previous owners for keeping it in such good condition for all those miles.

Douglas WY , not much here, but a City Park where you can “boondock” for FREE!  Beautiful level spot with a view of the river. I believe it’s the North Platte. Lots of grass for the dogs and they even had a few geese to bark at. We missed the Cowboy Shoot, it was last weekend. They actually were shooting while riding horses. I would have loved to have seen that.

We will fill up with water here in Douglas and with 660 miles to the Canadian border, figure out where our stopping point is for the night.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads and yesterday was a milestone for Dave and I , the 40th anniversary of becoming parents.  Happy # 40 Katie !!

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