Ohhh CANADA!!!!!

Well we finally made it to Canada. border crossing was painless.  asked a few questions  looked at our passports and off we went. The first few hours in Canada were like driving in Texas, although maybe a tad greener. And clean very very clean. Canadians definately have a lot more pride in the looks of their streets and highways. Cochrane was our first night in Canada. The wind picked up in the evening and I was so relieved we woke to calm winds . Nice newer park very tight spaces. 44 Canadian dollars showed up as 33 on my debit card. I like that math!

Once we decided on a route, we opted to drive through Banff National Park rather then around it. Absolutely fabulous!!! great roads. magnificent scenery. and a snow storm for good measure. We awoke to cold temps and as we drove on it got colder and then at the top of a mountain pass we had snow.  We also had our first bear sighting and saw bighorn sheep  and caribou. It’s very exciting when the traffic stops for the animals and everyone  stops to take pics . Three young ladies, possibly Quebecians as they spoke only French, were in a car at one of the scenic overlooks. I asked if I could take a picture of all of them together for them as they seemed to be trying to figure out how to do that. They were so happy to squeeze into their car and out of their sunroof to smile away in front of a magnificent mountain peak.

We are in Hinton today. Hinton is on the north side of JasperNational Park and we were fortunate to get a beautiful spot  so we are spending an extra night catching up with things and since its raining I guess we picked a good day to stay put.

Last night there were free hot dogs at the fire pit. If you know Dave, he can’t pass up a free hot dog. So we walked over and the folks doing the  grilling were so wonderful. They had set this up with the campgrounds as their way of educating people about organ donation. In particular kidney donation. One of the young ladies was walking from Edmonton to Jasper in hopes of educating and making people aware of the need for organ donations. Her sister Renee was in need of a kidney donation as a result of having diabetes. Such awesome people with such a worthwhile cause. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavor. As I am sitting here inside a warm coach and Renees sister is out walking  in the cold rain to raise awareness I pray they are safe and someone comes forward soon to donate a kidney.

Tomorrow we will leave Hinton and go north to Grande Prarie. This will be our last night in Alberta , next stop, British Columbia.  We will travel the Bighorn Highway so  hopefully more bighorn sitings.

Thanks to all for your good wishes and comments.


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