Oh Oh Oh Oh Canada!

We lose track of time so easily on the road.  Days fly by . We are still in Canada and  I haven’t posted much because  I thought I checked into my phone and data working here and guess what??  I didn’t ask the right questions.  So with the help of my son making a few inquiries I do have some cell service but I am only using internet at night when we stop. Some places we have stayed don’t have WIFI so I may go a few more days without a post.

We left Hinton and headed north and a little west to Grand Prairie. We stayed at a provencial park at Tomslake. less than 20 a night. Beautiful spot. A young lady named Chrisitine was on duty and checked us in and gave us the run down on things. While she and Dave were talking a doe strolled through the field behind them.  Sunset has been after midnight and sunrise about 4 am. haven’t  either. I will stay up and see the Northern lights one of these days.

We left Toms lake and headed ……Northwest. Dawson Creek , mile marker  0 on the ALCAN highway.  We actually took a picture at the mile marker but the gentleman who offered to snap it was unfamiliar with the iphone camera and I didn’t realize it until we drove away. I think I have one of Dave at the mile marker but it’s on the camera and I need to download them. If you don’t know the story of the ALCAN, look it up. It’s really fascinating and I think would make a great movie. I am sure there’s at least one love story in there somewhere. It was built during WWII, so a shortage of manpower, it was built in a ridiculously short amount of time, it was built in extreme weather conditions and extreme geological terrains.

Dave and I once talked about traveling this route on his BMW. Last night at our campground there were two BMW’s parked at the motel area. I am sure the riders were fast asleep as their bikes looked like they had put on a few good miles. I would have loved to had a chance to meet them.

Dave had a chance to help an older gentleman put oil in his rv yesterday. They were from AZ. Had bought the camper  and couldn’t find the oil fill . Dave helped and the man was 2 quarts low. They topped it off and hopefully they won’t have any more problems.

Today we head for Liard Hot Springs. We will spend a night at Liard and tonight I will soak in some hot mineral springs!!! I am looking forward to this. Tomorrow Watson Lake.

Depending on the road ahead it looks like 4 or 5 more nights in Canada and then back on USA soil and USA cell plans. I fear I am costing my son an arm and a leg  with my cell plan.

I heard sirens going down the highway earlier and pray it wasn’t a serious accident. A fellow traveler  posted about a delay two days ago, an aviation fuel truck overturned on the highway.It caused a back up for 1/2 the day. I hope the driver was OK.

Well I guess I need to get this rv ready for the road, well the inside. Dave will pack up the outside, I will grab a shower and put up the loose things inside. Dogs have been walked. Almost good to go. Oh on a side note, we have now traveled about 3000 miles with about 1200 to Anchorage. not too bad for 11 days of traveling.




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